Norway tightens entry rules for Russians from May 29

Russian citizens arriving in Norway as tourists will be denied entry Russian citizens arriving in Norway for tourist and other non-essential purposes will be denied entry. Exceptions can be made for Russians coming to Norway to visit close relatives living there (parents, children, officially registered spouses), as well as those arriving in the country for […]

The Schengen visa will rise in price from June 11 to 12%

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Slovenia has warned citizens of third countries about this On May 20, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Slovenia announced an increase in visa fees for processing Schengen visas from June 11. “The European Commission has decided to increase the cost of a short-term Schengen

There is a ban on visiting beaches

A huge fine is provided for violation On the Turkish coast, a ban has been imposed on visiting the beaches of Iztuzu, Patara and Cirali from 20:00 to 08:00 to protect the nesting sites of endangered sea turtles.It is also forbidden to light bonfires, arrange barbecues, set up tents and use vehicles.An administrative fine of

Certification of guides in the Russian Federation will be mandatory from July 1

7127 entries have now been entered into the federal register of guides and translation guides Less than two months remain before the provision of services of guides and translation guides in Russia without certification will become illegal, both employers of specialists and guides themselves will be responsible for non-fulfillment, the vice-president of the Russian Union

The Balearic Islands continue to struggle with alcohol tourists

From May 11, huge fines are introduced for drinking Along with alcohol parties, another popular tourist fun has been banned in the Balearic Islands — jumping from balconies into swimming pools. It is noted that this entertainment often leads to serious injuries, and sometimes to victims. Now violators face immediate eviction and heavy fines.From Saturday,

Sultankoy Halk Plajı Beach — 20 photos, how to get from Mersin

Sultankoy Beach (Sultankoy Halk Plajı) is 47 km from the center of Mersin. This is the first and closest good beach to the city, which is worth a trip at least once. It is located in a tiny bay, sandwiched by rocky formations, on the edges of which there are residential buildings and several restaurants.

Yapraklı Koy Beach — 19 photos, how to get from Mersin

Yapraklı Koy Plajı Beach is a small rocky bay in the city of Atakent, 60 km from the center of Mersin. It borders Susanoğlu beach. It is a cozy rocky bay, along the shores of which there are four cascading beach areas with sun beds and umbrellas – municipal and private.  Yapraklı Koy Beach (Yapraklı

Tisan — 27 photos, how to get from Mersin

Tisan is a summer beach resort located at the isthmus connecting the Tisan Peninsula and the Turkish mainland, 120 kilometers from the center of Mersin. Tisan on the map To get to Tisan, you need to overcome a steep serpentine. It offers a beautiful view of the isthmus and the beaches.   The road to

10 Qualities of an Ideal Travel Companion

“Traveling more in different parts of Russia and the world” is the No. 1 desire for many, and the second place should fairly be occupied by “finding the perfect travel companion” for traveling.. 10 qualities of an ideal holiday companion Exploring new places is inspiring, but all the joyful impressions of a long-awaited trip can

There are domestic tigers in a Brazilian family

In the family of 43-year-old Brazilian Ari Borges, in addition to three daughters and a small dog, there are real tigers. There are seven of them in total and these formidable predators live in an enclosure specially created for them. Domestic tigers The most domesticated and beloved of the whole family is a tiger named

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