Erdemli beaches — 13 photos, how to get from Mersin

Erdemli is a coastal area located 30 kilometers from the center of Mersin. It is difficult to call it a beach resort, because the local beaches, and there are few of them here, are not clean and beautiful. Erdemli Embankment There are numerous high-rise buildings along the coast. In general, this area is very densely […]

Germany has launched a new visa system “Opportunity Card”

Knowledge of German or English is required to qualify for the opportunity card Germany has made significant changes to the rules for obtaining visas for skilled workers in response to the growing demand for experienced professionals in such critical sectors as engineering, information technology (IT) and healthcare. According to reports, the country, which needs about

Hungary Launches Guest Investor Program

The country will resume issuing “golden visas” from July 01 Hungary is deploying the Guest Investor Program (GIP)The program was discontinued in 2017, and is now being revived under the name Guest Investor Program (GIP), a program of invited investors. It is also known as the Hungary Residence by Investment.Requirements for applicants:• lack of citizenship

Tekmen sahil Beach — 9 photos, how to get from Mersin

Tekmen sahil Beach is a beach with a length of over 2.5 km, located in the village of Tekmen in Bozyazi district, 174 km from the center of Mersin.  Tekmen sahil beach on the map The beach is pebbly, the water in the sea is clean. Periodically there are areas with sun loungers and umbrellas,

Bosak Beach (Boğsak) — 14 photos, how to get from Mersin

Bosak (Boğsak) is a small beach 98 km from the center of Mersin, 10 km from Tushuju, next to the Antalya – Mersin highway. Conditionally, it can be divided into two beaches, the first one, judging by Google maps, is called Boğsak Halk Plajı, the second one I do not know. Previously, it was one

Barcelona introduces water restrictions for tourists

Measures will be taken to prepare for the drought The Catalan government is implementing a system for measuring water consumption in tourist establishments after Barcelona declared an emergency due to drought in February. Although this year the city experienced constant spring rains for the first time in four years, many residents and officials are concerned

The fee for registration of a Russian passport will increase

Up to 6 thousand rubles from July 1 The amount of the fee for registration of a new type of passport will increase by 20% from July 1, 2024, to 6 thousand rubles for an adult and 3 thousand rubles for a child, INTERFAX reports Now the cost of registration of a new type of

Tashuju Beach (Taşucu Plajı) — 10 photos, how to get from Mersin

Tashuju Beach (Taşucu Plajı) is an urban sandy beach with a length of about 900 meters in the small town of Tashuju, 90 km from the center of Mersin.  Tashuju Beach on the map It is a popular summer holiday destination for locals and Russians living in the area and working on the construction of

Beaches in the area of the Marvel Tree Hotel in Bozyazy

Beaches in the area of the Marvel Tree Hotel — two small beaches located on the outskirts of the village of Bozyazi, 182 kilometers from Mersin, 900 meters from the beach Toslaklar Koyu. Both beaches are located 200 meters from each other in a gated area combining a hotel and a residential low-rise villa complex.

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