The Consulate General of the Russian Federation clarified the rules of entry to Latin America through Turkey

Cases of refusals to board Turkish Airlines flights have become more frequent

The Consulate General of the Russian Federation clarified the rules of entry to Latin America through Turkey

Passengers traveling to Latin America in transit via Istanbul on Turkish Airlines flights must comply with a number of requirements for entry to countries on another continent, the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Istanbul reports.”Recently, cases of refusals, including to Russian citizens, to board Turkish Airlines flights during transit through Istanbul to Latin American countries (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and a number of others) have become more frequent. In the response received from the airline, it is noted that the air carrier, when organizing flights, is guided by the rules of ICAO and the conditions of the country of destination,” the message says.As noted in the diplomatic mission, in order to successfully board these flights, the passenger needs to have a single/through ticket booking number (PNR) on the round-trip route. For example, Moscow-Istanbul-Sao Paulo-Istanbul-Moscow.You will also need to confirm your hotel reservation, there are no differences between flight dates and hotel booking dates, the availability of not only hand luggage, but also luggage, credit cards and cash.According to the Consulate General, transit flights within Latin American countries should be carried out within 24 hours.”The passengers who indicated the purpose of the trip as education, work, etc., have the appropriate supporting documents. They must be notarized and translated into English. The passenger’s willingness to give clear answers to the questions raised regarding the purpose of the trip,” the diplomatic mission said in a statement.In addition, boarding the aircraft is carried out on the basis of approval in the ok to board system, that is, confirmation of the possibility of travel received by the airline from the country of destination.As reported, in case of non-compliance with the above requirements, Turkish Airlines reserves the right to refuse the passenger transportation.

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